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Welcome to Ruidoso, New Mexico!
This was my home for 12 years of my life.
So here are some of the pictures from my most recent trip in January.
I hope you like them!

This is the epitome of Ruidoso.
Ruidoso is a small tourist ski town that happens to
be going through a dry spell unfortunately,.
Here you see the main ski hill in the first picture,
the residential area in the middle, and the
zoomed out general picture.

This is the area of all the action in town,
yes, mid-town, not downtown. We are not that large
of a city!
This is a place where a lot of the kids hang out,
walking up and town the strip, window shopping
or causing mischief.
Ruidoso has many unique boutiques and
owner runned businesses that make it
a great shopping experience!

One of the big draws are the cozy cabins,
which i happen to have taken a picture of
the sign of the most popular cabins there!

This is just a simple hotel, family owned
and operated.

One unfortunate thing about Ruidoso is the high
price of residence.
So around half of the people live in cozy mobil
homes such as this one.

Haha, funny story about this building.
When I was 3 or 4 this was a theatre.
The Castle.
Now and days its the entrance to a condo complex.
If you see where that home is in the middle, that's where
the stage use to be!

One major draw to Ruidoso is the amazingly renovated casino,
The Inn of the Mountain Gods.
This is the statue at the main entrance, and my opening picture
with the window is the awesome over look of one of the lakes.

And these are many of the ducks that live in that lake! haha.

Well that's all for now, hopefully I can get Austin or Cedar Park
up here next!

Hope I didn't kill anyones internet!

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